Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pooches on Parade

It should come as no surprise to anyone who reads this blog that we are serious animal lovers. Clearly we have no limits when deciding how many to take in, what lengths we'll go to in order to save them and I can promise you my husband has absolutely no greater joy than his Bo.

When we moved back to Waco, I decided to choose one charitable organization and devote all the time I could to that one entity instead of spreading it out over several. After sending emails to all of the rescues in the area, I got a phone call one morning at work and imagine my surprise upon learning it was Betsy Robinson. As in Mrs. Clifton Robinson. And I was sitting in my office that happens to be located in Robinson Tower at Baylor University.

Amusing, eh?

Anyway, Betsy is the founder of Fuzzy Friends Rescue, a no-kill shelter in the area, and it's been a true blessing to work with her on the marketing materials and newsletter FFR puts out each holiday season. They have graciously given us tickets to their capital fundraiser, Barkin' Ball, for two years as a thank you (it's amazing - best New Year's party ever!) and we have had a blast each time.

They also have a Pooches on Parade Style Show every other year that my mom and I attended Friday before last. Surprisingly, Dave didn't think this would really be up his alley. :-) It was held at Claude and Becky Lindsey's home (read estate) just outside of Waco and it was awesome.

See what I mean?

The centerpieces were adorable. There were cats as well but I also photographed the dog.
My mom in her adorable hat...
This is Betsy's daughter-in-law showing off a cute chashund (chihuahua and dachshund mix) that's available for adoption at FFR.
There were several "sets" - one with cute summer attire, one with the pets dressed as babies, and another with a bride/groom theme.
Nothing will make you smile on a humid May morning more than a local businessman dressed in a wedding dress while his bulldog sports a tuxedo. Absolutely nothing!
The final set was a "Thriller" homage to Michael Jackson. This is Bo's vet (who had just saved his life a few days earlier) with her dog.
There were even some high school age girls who busted out all the moves from the video. It really took me back, y'all, and made me ache for a good Zumba class. :-)