Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This is our dog. This is our dog on Rx drugs.

Y'all, I'm exhausted. Between Dave going back to work (that means the first alarm of the day goes off at 5am), end of school festivities that are constant for the little one (ie too many field trips to count, a school play, etc) and temporarily losing my mind on Monday evening (which found me at a turbo kickboxing class in which I only cried twice), I just feel a LOT like Bo did immediately after surgery.
Except that Bo actually looks about three times more perky than I'm feeling today even after a very large cup of coffee laced with French Vanilla creamer and Sweet 'n Low. 
Our poor little fella was soooo out of it after his surgery a couple of weeks ago but, then again, I don't know anyone who could tolerate general anesthesia, a morphine injection and a Benadryl IV without becoming a subject for those old commercials that said, "This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs." I mean his were prescription drugs but was pitiful...and Dave may or may not have stayed by his side and looked just as pathetic for many hours.
As you can see, Prissy was feeling sympathy pains as well so she did her best impression of being knocked out. In all honesty, she was worn out because she'd been looking for her brother all day while he was at the vet. I wasn't kidding when I said she was lost without the other two members of the 
Puppy Posse.
Haven't we all felt this way at one time or another? I certainly felt a bit like that the third time I heard the instructor yell, "Turbo!" on Monday evening. It was like pure torture that became mildly addictive and I might even venture to say relatively enjoyable. At least until the next day.
This just cracked me up to no end because his tongue is hanging so far out of his mouth. The boy had no boundaries or depth perception that night, which found him walking into a wall at one point, and I would venture to say that he has no recollection of the evening either. A few days later - when we got the all clear from the vet - and he was able to stop taking 32 pills per day that required a written schedule so Dave remembered to administer all of them appropriately, he actually had withdrawals.

It was sad to watch him act so spastic for three days while the meds got out of his system. At times it was a wee bit amusing but we are incredibly glad he's back to acting like his normal stubborn self. 

I will say this, though - only OUR DOG would end up with a secondary condition resulting from the colitis that required us to purchase and administer Preparation H. On a consistent basis. Lord help us all.