Friday, May 14, 2010

Under the Big Top

Last night the girl and I headed off to the circus after having a swanky dinner at Subway with the man. Because he's been home on FMLA for 10 weeks now, we haven't had much girl time so we had an absolute blast. She apparently really needed a crown (what girl doesn't?) and the wizard hat came with her cotton candy (a circus necessity). I like her clever combo, don't you?

We had really good seats and were super close to the action (all seats were $10 for opening night so we called early and scored!)...see?
I share this with you not because I enjoy this angle when applied to my facial shape but because I promised to share the blog humility with my child.
Isn't she awesome?
Given the size of this display, I'd say we're not the only ones who believe cotton candy is a circus necessity, wouldn't you?
We were informed shortly before the show started that photograph and flash photography shouldn't be used; however, after watching others do it repeatedly - without reprimand - for almost the entire first act, I decided to join in the fun.

Tay deemed this "really cool" and "awesome."

They were dangling by their hair, y'all!!!
After a short intermission (all of which was spent waiting in line for the bathroom), we arrived back at our seats to find that Tay's favorite part - the lions - were up next. I was so thankful because she was worried they wouldn't be in this show (we went two years ago and this is a different show entirely but, as her mother promised, lions and elephants are circus staples).
Three cheers for the man with the most dangerous job in the ring...
The big guy here cracked me up because he just watched from his perch while licking his paws and, at one time, decided to give his eyelids a rest, while the ladies did all the tricks. Isn't that just typical?

Tay asked me if one of these guys was the "strongest man in the world."
But after watching him jump through this burning ring of fire while blindfolded, she decided he was the "most awesome guy in the world, for sure."
Soon it was time for my personal favorite - the elephants!! (Please save all cracks about how I can relate with their size and girth.) And they certainly did not disappoint.
In other news, the next time I see an opportunity to ride on one of these awesome creatures, might I suggest you not stand in the way?
There were also trapeze artists, tightrope walkers, jugglers, a hysterical trick pony and many other magic skits (they even cut the girl in half, y'all!) but I simply was too mesmerized to take photos of all of those acts.
I dare say my enjoyment of the circus may have trumped even my child's; however, I attribute that to the fact that only an adult can appreciate the small window of time in which one can perform publicly in spandex, rhinestones and sequins. It's just a fleeting moment in which that's acceptable....
The finale was amazing and, given my penchant for the dramatic, left me feeling inspired and wanting to try my hand at taming a lion. Then I returned home and realized our dogs aren't even trained so my talent clearly lies in another area.
It was a magical night that ended with - of all my favorite things - glitter falling from the sky. Now if that doesn't put a spring in your step the next morning while heading to Starbuck's under overcast skies, I simply do not know what will...