Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Holiday Happenings

So..I'm back. And, yes, it's been quite a while but I was off work for a little over two weeks and just wanted to enjoy the time off while hanging with some of my favorite peeps. I can assure you both of those goals were met. And then some. :-)

So you'll have to forgive me but I'm backing it up quite a bit. My first day off happened to be my sweet mom's birthday. Since Dave was on call, we couldn't leave Waco but she and my dad came up so we could celebrate her special day.

The next day was our family Christmas with the Bowers clan. We did a white elephant Christmas and - hands down - Taylor and I got the best gifts available. :-)

That night Taylor and I packed because were heading to Louisiana with my parents the next day. But we did get in some sweet fam time with movies (one of which was great, the other was creepy and we didn't finish it) while I wrapped presents for our upcoming adventure.

After church Sunday morning, Dave drove us to Belton where we met up with my parents. He had to work both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but encouraged us to go ahead and go to Louisiana and enjoy the holiday. Love. Him.

Did not love my mother's cat draping herself around my neck all that much, though...

I had not celebrated Christmas in Cajun country for quite some time and, honestly, it was so good for my heart. We had been trying to make some big decisions (more coming later but it deserves its own, well-thought out post) and I really got a lot of clarity in the woods.

Isn't it beautiful? There really isn't anything like going home.

In addition to our regular crew, Uncle Gilbert came to stay while we were out of town as well. Obviously he made himself at home.

And we also had this precious girl. Who I miss. Greatly. :-)

Such a sweetheart, no?

So that's the condensed version of our holiday happenings leading up to Christmas Eve. So much fun and there was so much more to come. Stay tuned. :-)