Monday, January 14, 2013

Ringing in the New Year

So, I'll go ahead and apologize for these pics because I had to take screenshots of all and didn't crop out the headers. And now I'm too lazy to go back and do it. So, while I apologize, I'm not really willing to do anything about it. Just keeping it real. :-)

Anyway, before we could ring in the New Year, there was a big football battle brewing in our home. You see, I'm a fan of RG3 no matter what and Tonto is a lifelong Cowboys fan. So there was a bit of friction. Which I did not help by donning this shirt. 

Yes, my hair was darker. No, it's not that dark anymore. I just can't do it, y'all. 

And let's not get started talking about Robert's most recent injury. Or his knucklehead of a coach. Because the conversation will be long. I promise.

We headed to Barkin' Ball for New Year's Eve again but this time we had friends along for the ride. So. Much. Fun. 

See - Tonto was excited!

But apparently he wasn't all that hip on taking a picture with me. :-)

The lovely Brenda and I found some super sweet stuffed pups. So you know it became a photo op.

 It was a great evening for the grown ups and teen alike as she was hanging with her two besties. And looking absolutely adorable!!!


Our New Year's Day meal was less than traditional but my girl had been begging for meatloaf. It's sort of my (only) specialty.

We spent most of the first day of the year doing absolutely nothing except watching football. It was glorious. But before the night drew to a close, I was already taking down Christmas decorations. Though I do love them, one of my favorite holidays (and not because we go all out celebrating) is Valentine's Day.

But there were a few big projects I needed to finish before going back to work. More on that later...