Tuesday, January 15, 2013

So much color...

Those who have seen me since we moved in August have all probably noticed that I've been tired for four straight months. That's really no lie. And I'm hoping this picture will explain a bit. Also, let me assure you this only a sampling - not a comprehensive photo.

After we celebrated New Year's, I was still left with almost a week before I had to go back to work. And I was determined to finish painting. You know, except for touch-ups needed once in a while.

Our half bath got a new coat of paint, new switchplates and hardware on the cabinets. Love, love, love the finished product. And not just because it's now D-O-N-E.

After finishing up that evening, Taylor and I headed out to the farm to take care of Bruiser. And were treated to an absolutely breathtaking sunset. This really doesn't do it justice but it was the view from B's pen. Lucky little dude, huh?

The next morning the girl and I had plans to head to Temple so she could spend a gift card at Macy's. Trying to be conscientious, I dropped by the NICU to get my driver's license out of Dave's wallet (where it had been since NYE). Well, after trips to Macy's and Wal-Mart, I pulled it out of my pocket, marveled that I hadn't needed it at all and promptly LOST IT.

Yep. Must have slipped out of my hand and fallen to the floor instead of finding its way back into my pocket. This meant a trip to the DMV, searching for various alternate types of documentation (of which only one was needed despite the website indicating a need for at least three - thank you, Lord!) and a new picture which features me with straight hair.

Needless to say, no one will recognize me from that pic for the next six years. But at least it's done. And my address has been updated. Woo hoo!

When I finally got back home, it was time to tackle the last project - the gameroom. It has one piece of furniture currently but one of these days we'll figure out exactly what we want in there and get it done. In the meantime, Taylor left her mark.

And after three days, debating about whether to add an accent wall or not, and a whole lot of paint, it was finished. And I am soooo stinkin' thankful for that, friends.

There really wasn't much to do at this point in my little vacation other than to find another Baylor sporting event to come. Which we did. And it was awesome. Which you'll find out tomorrow because this post is already way too long. :-)