Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was, in my mind, exactly what it should have been - not hurried, full of good food, included a nap, and (best of all) ended with a sweet visit from family I hadn't seen in ages.

My girl and Maw Maw in the kitchen after a delightful lunch. Oh. My. Word.

After a nap (for some) and hanging out while checking social media (for others), my cousin and his sweet family came over along with his parents.

These may be some of my favorite pics that I've EVER taken, friends. Why? Because Tom and I grew up together. We spent almost every waking moment together for many summers. And these are our babies. Together. :-)

It really just doesn't get much better than this, y'all. I felt soooo blessed by this visit but soon it was time to head back to the Lone Star State. It was time to see my man, the four-legged kids, celebrate Christmas one more time, and cheer the Bears to victory in the Holiday Bowl.

But first there were a couple more pics to be taken...

...and lots of huge to be given. ;-)