Friday, January 11, 2013

Holiday Bowl Domination

Ok, so here's where things get a bit sketchy - and more random - in the post Christmas recap process. Apparently I just put my camera down and forgot about it once I returned to Texas so what I've mostly got are phone pics. This may be good for y'all, though, because it meant we're gonna cover a whole lot of material in a small amount of time. :-)

As soon as we got back to my parents' house, Tonto (and Rambo who had come along for the ride) grabbed his girls, picked up some Bush's chicken tenders and headed to BLORA for Nature in Lights.

We actually began going to this amazingly awesome light display when Taylor was just a wee tike. We hadn't been in a few years and they've added some items. All of us had a BLAST and it was perfect because there were very few people there at the time.

The snapshots are few because I really just wanted to soak it all in. And I was also really thankful to finally be celebrating the holiday with my peeps.

The next day was a big one as our Baylor Bears were taking on the UCLA Bruins in the Holiday Bowl. I devoted most of my waking hours to bowl-related projects during the month of December and could not wait to see these guys take the field and show the world what Baylor football is all about.

I immediately donned my game day shoes for the last time this season...

...while Taylor snapped on her uber cool new BU Survival Straps bracelet.

In case there's any doubt, this is my football mantra. At all times. Not just on game day.

I also donned all of my lucky clothing items (even the one only a handful of folks know about) and got ready for my parents to arrive as we were having dinner and opening gifts with them before the game.

After some (more) amazing gumbo (chicken this time), we opened gifts and watched the pregame together before they headed home to watch the game.

Tonto and I were nervous as cats. Theses guys, however, were a bit more relaxed.

In the end, our guys just dominated UCLA. It was an amazing performance and I could not have been more proud of the team. Good, good stuff.

As I was coming off the game euphoria (takes a while to wind down, y'all), I was going through my phone and found these pics. Perhaps we look more alike than I usually think?

Friday was spent watching more football and just being generally lazy. Tonto returned to work on Saturday and the girl headed to a friend's house while my parents and I went to the Lady Bears game against Southeastern Louisiana, which is my mom's undergrad alma mater.

One of my friends sold me (at a very generous price) his season tix for the game. Let's just say the seats were AMAZING.

As was the outcome. Unless, you know, you were hoping for a big upset.

The Sunday before New Year's was pretty calm as well. T was still at her friend's house so the pups and I chilled. And the sweet girl went home. So that wasn't exactly the highlight of the day but she was sooo happy to see her dad. :-)

Besides, it was time to prepare for Barkin' Ball to ring in the New Year. But I'll save that for tomorrow.