Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Playing Catch Up

So...it's been a while. Again. And I honestly have no excuse except that last week was long. And rough. And involved a fair amount of tears. So let's be honest - you probably didn't want to hear from me anyway.

That being said, I'm going to catch you up quickly on what's been going on with us. But - first - let's just look at the cuteness this one left on my phone. Also, can I have her hair?!?!

Color. On my nails. Yes, that's blog-worthy news because it's been at least 10 years. Not sure what I was thinking as I'm already over it. But one has to try something new every decade or so.

This sweet boy is still the best snuggler known to man. Or canine.

And this sweet boy is doing a lot of exercise in preparation of the county show.

We've attended what seems like a lot of basketball games. But they're super fun so why not? We also saw the men beat Okie Lite yesterday as well. And I'm heading to the Ferrell on Saturday morning to watch the Lady Bears take care of OU. According to Taylor, I'll be alone since it tips at 11am. Winning?

Bruiser has begun on some supplements to help his scrawny little self grow.

Said supplements are apparently very salty and he ended up with "water belly," which is basically uber bloating after inhaling one's entire water pail.

He exercised some of it off, though. In hilarious fashion.

And we saw a couple of movies - "Red Dawn" and "Pitch Perfect" - on Saturday with these cuties before heading to Samurai for hibachi. Sooooo good.

On Sunday after church we learned that the little fella also had fleas. So in addition to more exercise to relieve the water belly, he had to get a bath. And then he got a quick shear to make sure his skin hadn't been affected. Needless to say, he had a ROUGH day and just wanted to kick us out of his pen.

Yesterday we were all off so before hitting the basketball game, Tonto steam cleaned my carpets. And if you know anything about my OCD tendencies (that's not an exaggeration by the way), you can only imagine how attractive this man is to me at the moment. 


Today we're all back at work/school and are again trying to get back in the groove. So thankful for a three day weekend, though. Would be even better if they were all that way, right?

Happy Tuesday! :-)