Monday, February 1, 2010

This Week

Miss Tay and I had a wonderful weekend for the most part. On the up side, we went to see Tooth Fairy and it was definitely worth the price of admission. It was cute, really funny and seeing The Rock in a hockey uniform wasn't all that bad either.

We also made a huge grocery store run (it's the beginning of the month - obviously), took care of a bunch of errands, made homemade Valentines and did a craft project. We currently have three cheerful (one pink, one white and one red) tiny bears halfway made on my dresser. :-)

The only downside is that my little one's not feeling well. And her scar/incision was all scabbed up AGAIN when she woke up on Sunday morning. After some hydrogen peroxide and steroid cream, it's looking better. But I'm still of the belief that a scar should be healed four months after surgery.

I won't go down the path of the horrible care she's received because her injury happened on a weekend. She's fallen into the cracks because of an out-of-town doctor. We are very thankful that he was the one on call when she was hurt but it's been really difficult follow-up.

The good news is that Dave has an appointment with his previous orthopedic surgeon (who was also my ortho doc when I was in junior high and high school - yes, I injured myself often) on Thursday. We are SOOOOO hoping and praying that Wild Bill can fix his knee once and for all. Unfortunately, they didn't think his ACL was actually torn when it was operated on 6 years ago so Dr. Hamilton (aka Wild Bill) was only able to "patch it." He told us at the time it would need to be fixed correctly in the future but when our insurance changed, no ortho doc in Waco would believe us. 

Dave's pretty much been in constant (and often times debilitating) pain for the past 5 years (the patch helped for a bit) and it definitely affects our home life. You see, he usually goes mute when he's hurting. That would be every time it rains, gets cold, gets humid, etc. You can imagine how fun our household is right now, eh?

Anyway, we're taking Taylor with us to the appointment so that Bill can look at her arm and at least point us in the right direction. I tried to make her an appointment with her surgeon but was told they wouldn't see her until March because "the computer says she doesn't need to be seen for 3 months."

No, I am not kidding.

My personal belief is that she'll need to have surgery again to remove the plate and screws and scar tissue, which will also give them an opportunity to revise her pretty bad looking scar. While I'm incredibly thankful that her arm looks better today than yesterday, I must admit to just being tired of dealing with this injury. It's been four months of working with it every single day. And we're both just tired.

I'm keeping my chin up, though, and praying Thursday will bring some relief for 2/3 of our little fam. We also found out this morning that my grandmother has been diagnosed with aortic valve stenosis. Quite frankly, it's amazing she's gone this long without any cardiac issues as she had a bad case of rheumatic fever as a child.

So if you happen to think of it, our family could certainly use a few prayers for wisdom and discernment right now. (And I haven't even gotten into the appointment I have looming later this month :-)

I'll leave you with a little Taylor funny: Miss Tay informed me yesterday that her tongue is named Bill. In addition, she told me that my car is to be known, from this point forward, as Bad Bob. For some unknown reason, my car shocks Tay and Dave pretty much every time they get out of it. 

No idea why. Doesn't do it to me. 

Anyway, she is apparently going to "thump his antenna every time he shocks me" on hopes of "teaching him a lesson."

Oh, how I love this child.

Happy Monday!