Friday, February 26, 2010

Longing for Spring

We have truly enjoyed all of the snow and, honestly, given the week we've had Tuesday's snow day (pictures to come - they're still on my camera) with my girl was just the medicine I needed. And I felt much better about life in general until I received a call from the bank saying they were closing our account because we'd irresponsibly made a TON of charges in just a few days, which caused our account to overdraft.


Yes, these were all of the same charges I'd been discussing with them and the police for DAYS because they were fraud. I was not in Shreveport, Louisiana, at 1am on Monday morning. Not even close.

Thankfully we got all of it cleared up but it was a long, ugly process. The fraud was so widespread in our bank that they ended up canceling every single debit card of every single member. But we were the first ones to report it so we were the guinea pigs. Which is why NO ONE had made ANY notations on our account that we'd even spoken.

To answer the obvious question - yes, we are evaluating our banking options. :-)

I also found out Wednesday morning that a dear friend and former boss of mine, Jim Sirbasku, had passed away completely unexpectedly on Tuesday night. Jim and his partner, Bud, founded Profiles International, which is where I worked right before returning to Baylor. 

I'm thanking the Lord that He gave me the opportunity to see Jim at a wedding only 9 days before he passed. We had a good hug, some laughs and had a chance to catch up. So very thankful for that blessing. 

Tomorrow morning the little one will head out with Nanna Geri while I bid farewell to a wonderful friend, mentor and leader. She will have a wonderful time, I know, and it will be good to catch up with a number of my former co-workers. Though I wish the circumstances were different...

And, in the meantime, we have just about had enough of the frigid cold and snow for the year. We are all longing for spring...