Friday, February 5, 2010

A Blessed Day Indeed

So yesterday was the big appointment for the man and the girl. And it was awesome. Truly. The doc (who I probably singlehandedly kept in business for about 7 years straight) and his awesome trainer, Ron, both chatted with me and Tay while Davey was in x-ray. In fact, we'd already pretty much settled the entire issue of his knee before he ever got back but that's a different story.

Anyway, the short story is that Dave's knee will FINALLY be fixed on March 5. Yep - four weeks from today and he'll have a new knee. We're not sure if it's miniscus, ACL, patella damage or a combination of the three but there's definitely a big issue that will be taken care of next month.

To say we are extremely thankful this is finally being addressed would be a gross understatement. And while most couples probably wouldn't be so excited about major surgery, six weeks off of work and lots of rehab, it's gotten to the point that Dave really just can't enjoy life at all. So we're off to the races for him.

We also asked him to take a look at Tay's arm and he was incredibly helpful on that front as well. He thinks the reason she continues to have these two areas of scabbing is because the subcutaneous sutures dissolved before the skin had healed completely. It will continue to scab and slough off but, with time, will eventually heal. No infection. He thought it looked pretty good.

He was really impressed with her extension and flexion, which was a huge relief. The look on his face when I told him NO ONE would give her a PT consult was rather amusing - disbelief, really - but it looks like all of the hours we've put into figuring out how to get the motion back have paid off. Thank you, Lord!

She does have a large amount of scar tissue but he doesn't really think we'd gain much by removing it as it will, in all likelihood, simply reform. This, too, should improve with time and continued movement of the limb.

The final question is whether we should have the plate removed or not. Because of her age, he is leaning more toward taking it out; however, he's going to share her x-rays with two of the trauma surgeons to get their opinion before we make a final decision. If another surgery is needed, we will be transferring her care to him. If not, we'll attend our final appointment with the original doc (who couldn't do another surgery anyway because he only covers call on the weekends) in March and let it heal for about a year before revising the scar.

So that was our afternoon. It all went down so much more quickly, smoothly and easily than I could have ever imagined. Although a lot of anxiety has been present leading up to this day, there wasn't really any present yesterday. Just peace. For that, and so very much more, I am incredibly thankful. And we are immeasurably blessed.

Thank you for your prayers. They mean more than you can imagine.

We will be taking it easy this weekend as we're all still nursing colds. That's also the reason you haven't gotten any pics this week because we all look pretty rough. I'm sure all of our moods will improve drastically should the Saints win the Super Bowl on Sunday, though.

Who dat, y'all!

And have a wonderful weekend!