Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Big Day

Today is the big ortho appointment. Dave is super stoked. Taylor is super hesitant. And me? I'm just super hopped on cold medicine still. Unfortunately, I was reminded last evening (and into the morning) that these meds make for insomnia. 

Knew I should have picked up some NyQuil. But then you end up on the DayQuil/NyQuil carousel and just sort of feel like you're floating...then again...

I digress.

Anyway, I'm currently praying for wisdom (for Dr. Hamilton), patience (for my dear husband), peace (for my anxious child) and for sanity (I'll let you guess who that's for). No matter what, we'll be farther along this orthopedic highway after reestablishing care with Wild Bill.

And for that I'm very thankful.

Now please excuse me while I continue contemplating how one participates in a bowling league when they feel like they're flying...