Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Simply Silly

Sometimes my Taylor is simply silly. Like, with a capital S. 

Truth be told, it's one of her most endearing qualities. And one that brings me untold amounts of joy. She cracks me up on a daily basis. That's something I, as one who is incredibly prone to drama and stress, need.

So sometimes when I'm really concentrating on something on the home computer, I turn around to see something like this...

And I have no choice but to pick up my camera and start taking pictures...
Every once in a while I actually get a serious pic...and by serious I simply mean one in which the cheese factor has been toned down just a bit.
But it only lasts for a moment. Because, you see, she's simply silly. Seriously.
And I wouldn't have it any other way.

P.S. In trying to get Tay healed up from her injury and Dave ready for upcoming surgery, I haven't talked much about an appointment I have tomorrow. It's one I'm hoping will at least get us on the track of solving the 10-year-old mystery of the cause of some symptoms (that are increasing with severity) I've had since about 6 months after Taylor was born. 

If you happen to think of it while saying your prayers, I would greatly appreciate it. Seriously. :-) And if you have a prayer request, PLEASE leave it in my comments.