Monday, October 7, 2013

Go Cru!

Saturday a week ago - while Baylor was enjoying a bye week - we headed to Belton to meet up with my parents for an evening o' fun. The UMHB Crusaders have a new stadium this season - compliments of my former boss Drayton McLane, Jr. - and, since I was a part of his team when these talks first began, it just felt like I needed to see it. Plus, my dad has been following construction of said stadium on a weekly basis. :-)

So, after a jambalaya dinner, we headed over to see the Cru take the field. And their new digs are truly spectacular, y'all. Particularly for a team that's had to play in a high school stadium for years.

See? Pretty!

And these two? They take such precious pics. 

And can I just tell you how right it felt to be wearing purple and gold? Even though my Tigers lost that day...

We had tons of fun at the game even though it did rain off and on. What we did not realize is that you can actually take umbrellas into this stadium. Let's just say one might be reprimanded for doing the same at Floyd Casey. :_)

The game was fun...

...and UMHB is always good...and cheering for a winner is fun...

...and we were sitting this close, y'all. For EIGHT AMERICAN DOLLARS per person. It was INSANE.

And, because my family has a penchant for making new friends regardless of where we are, sitting right next to us was the dad of one of UMHB's running back. He's #13, to be exact, and his dad was an absolute delight. In fact, he's coming to tailgate at Baylor with us soon. 

Yep, that's my life. Totally random and generally fun. I'll take it. :-)