Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Da Boyz

This boy is a handful, friends. He's sweet and precious and adorable and snuggly. But he also comes with quite an attitude. A little swag if you will. :-)

Last week, after finally getting all of his gastro issues worked out (turns out he's gluten intolerant), it was time to have him neutered. And that seems like a quick and easy surgery, right? Yeah, that's what we thought too. But...not so much.

Unfortunately, the clinic left him alone and unsupervised while he was still asleep. And he woke up much sooner than they anticipated. And there was no cone on his head. So he not only went after his incision site but also jumped around and played for who knows how long before they realized he was awake.

This mama was not happy. Particularly when I learned we would spend the evening alternating warm and cold compresses because of the massive swelling. Do you have any idea what it's like to do that to a puppy who has no idea he just had surgery and only wants to play?!?! 

Well, if not, just ask Tonto. Because he administered most of that treatment.

I sort of felt like Rambo...

...and this boy and I still felt the same the next morning because Blue was up almost all night.

The next morning Tonto took him back to the clinic and they operated on him again. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention he had a huge hematoma covering his entire stomach area. So they had to clean out all of the clots. And he also has heart worms. Which wasn't all that surprising because he did come from Louisiana. But he can't start treatment (which takes a YEAR) for two more weeks.

Yeah, are you starting to get an idea of just how insane this simple surgery has become???

So the boy is back home and the good news is he's feeling like his normal self. That's also the bad news because he will not stop running and jumping and playing. Which means he's still pretty swollen. But the hematoma is clearing more each day. And we've discovered gluten free foods (thanks Nana!) with which to bribe him into taking upwards of 10 pills per day.

But I sort of still feel like Rambo. :-)