Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The 'Eers Came to Town

After a whirlwind couple of days at the livestock show, we quickly switched gears and headed out to FCS because the West Virginia Mountaineers were coming to town to tangle with our Bears. It was the first time the team debuted their gold chrome helmets and Coach Briles had asked everyone to #BringTheBling. So, you know, who was I to argue? :-)

We had so much fun tailgating this time around. It's always super fun but last time I was recovering from a respiratory infection (when we took on ULM) and was a wee bit cranky. Or so I was told. We had such a great crowd, saw some peeps we hadn't seen in months and the food was yummy. 

Taylor's, um, friend who is a boy also came over for a bit. Meet Todd. :-)

Soon it was time to head into the stadium and see those golden domes for ourselves for the first time. And they most certainly did not disappoint. Photos really don't do them justice.

Someone was excited. And even wore gold. For the first time EVER.



...excitement around this team right now. And with good reason. The score was 56-14 at the half. And seven of WVU's points were off a random, muffed punt return. It was a serious knucklehead move that I hope to NEVER see repeated.

At halftime, the City of West was honored. Such a sweet time and so good to see support still being given as much, from what I understand, is definitely still needed.

We could talk about the second half of the game but, honestly, it was used as an opportunity for our second and third teams to get some work in as true and redshirt freshmen. That means our first team was safe from injury. Which is always a good thing. 

Next up are the Kansas State Wildcats. In the Little Apple. Always a tough place to play but I'm absolutely holding out hope that our boys put up 70 again. I don't care for close games. :-)