Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Cyclone Homecoming

Before the plague struck our house last week, we had a great Saturday celebrating Baylor Homecoming. After a super fun tailgate that full of yummy brisket, sausage and pork loin, we settled in for the ol' game activities. There was, of course, the annual lighting of the torch (after being passed from class to class) to kick things off...

...and it was also the annual pink game. Gotta love pink pom poms.

This girl didn't tailgate with us but came later with my parents after they checked on their dog. I was completely unprepared for her showing up in my new scarf looking like a 21-year-old.

Sometimes she just strikes me, y'all. And I really couldn't be more proud.

Before long, it was time to take on the Cyclones.

And this week's photos focus on the defense. Here's where you should be grateful I'm focusing on one aspect each time and not making your retinas bleed on a biweekly basis. :-)

And since Ahmad Dixon and Tonto seem to have developed quite the relationship this season, seemed like a photo of the Midway boy was a necessity.

Soon the sun set both on the day and the Cyclones' hope of stopping the Bears.

The students were in rare form...

...the old fashioned card sections were brought back one last time at The Case...

...before Blake Shelton introduced Baylor girl (and The Voice alum) Holly Tucker...

...who rocked our socks off with a Super Bowl like halftime show.

Let's just say the girl can SING!!!

And it truly was a Homecoming full of food, fun and throwback festivities. In other words, it was PERFECT!