Monday, September 30, 2013

Li'l Boy Blue

There once was a boy named Blue who was left alone in St. Martinsville, Louisiana. He found his way to a shelter but they don't adopt out his breed so he needed a miracle. His picture found its way to Facebook and Tonto saw it by chance. And fell in love.

That's how he ended up spending 14 hours in the truck going to and from Louisiana on a random Thursday. To save this boy from being put to sleep.

Now his brother may not have exactly welcomed him with open paws. But we're making progress. :-)

We fell instantly in love with this one, though.

And he's definitely Taylor's protector.

Which is perfectly fine with me. And may have been part of the plan all along.

What I've learned is someone taught this boy to sit. To shake. He's kennel and potty trained. Blue eats off a fork and is one of the snuggliest fellas around. How someone could spend so much time with him and leave him alone to die, well, it baffles me. And makes me incredibly angry.

But I'm also incredibly happy he's here with us.