Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Welcome to Texas, Buffalo!

Our second football contest of the season featured the Buffalo Bulls. From New York. You know, where it's NOT 115 degrees in the shade with 92.5% humidity. I had a feeling they would have a rude awakening in this heat but, before knowing for sure, we had a bit o' tailgating fun.

T brought along a couple of friends this time around.

And we hit up March of the Bears. Again. Cyril was leading the way...

...and there's our QB Bryce Petty...

...and Lynx Hawthorne (don't you love that name?)...

...and TCV, who got hurt later in the day, with coach. Of course there were many others but, in the interest of saving your retinas, I'll stop here.

The first half was hot. And soooooo sweaty. But we also scored 56 points. Yes. In one half. In other words, it was AWESOME.

The alumni band performed for the last time at Floyd Casey (no, I did not participate) and it was really a nostalgic moment. We've made lots of memories in that old stadium.

This was the score at halftime. So yeah...

The final score ended up being 70-13. And our third string was playing. To say the Buffalo players were struggling in the heat would be quite an understatement. I'm sure the random windstorm that kicked up during the fourth quarter - sending large items flying and made tents break into pieces - didn't improve their opinion of the Texas weather.

But we did stay until the very end. Without suffering a heat stroke. And the team got the 'W.' While scoring the most points ever in FCS.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!