Friday, September 27, 2013

These Days...

Y'all. Life is moving so fast these days I can hardly keep up. And, yes, I am aware that I'll miss them when I'm gone. So I'm not whining...just making statements. :-)

We spend a lot of time at the farm taking care of this fella. Now we all know how much I loved Bruiser but this guy is so far ahead of the curve compared to this time last year that it's not even funny. And he's filling out nicely as well. So, you know, fingers crossed we'll have a decent show season.

And because we know I love me some Kyler, I grabbed some snuggles last week while we were taking care of Forrest. It's a bit harder now that he's so mobile!

There's been a lot of tailgating going on as well. Both with my sweet mom...

...and my dad. And we beat ULM by a lot. This is becoming a habit and I'm absolutely ok with continuing it throughout the season. Just sayin'.

I also spent all of last week either sick or recovering from being sick. It was not delightful at all. And I did a lot of whining. Being ill as an adult is just not ok. At. All.

Somewhere in the delirium caused my so many medications, I decided it was time to transition from a super low carb diet to more of a clean/whole foods diet. Which is how I ended up with a smoothie that contained spinach. And you couldn't even taste it. It was unbelievable! 

This week I've been getting back in the groove of working out and, let me tell you, it's a whole lot easier than it sounds when your lungs are still on FIRE!

So, yeah, that's what's been going on around here. Not pictured are all the girl-related things typical with a teenager. And, no, I wouldn't change it for the world. :-)

Happy weekend!