Wednesday, February 13, 2013

V is for Volleyball

Last Saturday was a day we had been anticipating for months - it was Taylor's first select volleyball tournament. And it was in San Antonio. Two days after the stock show. And did I mention Dave was stuck at work?

Luckily, Nana and Boppy came to the rescue (yet again) and offered to go with us. I was incredibly grateful. So we headed out Saturday morning, checked into the hotel, grabbed some Whataburger, had an unfortunate Diet Coke spillage situation, and finally settled into the gym for a l-o-n-g afternoon of volleyball.

But, y'all, it was soooo worth it. This girl has apparently found her game.

And she has the most precious teammates, some of whom she's played with before and some who are new friends.

Now I didn't realize that we were playing in an elite tournament (with a premiere team) at first but it was very apparent after we were handed a 'L' in quick fashion by the team who trains at the gym we were playing in. I kid you not when I say they looked like a college team. It. Was. Impressive. And frightening.

But the girls rallied and took their second game to three sets before, unfortunately, falling by a narrow margin. But, hey, it was PROGRESS.

They did rally for the final game of the evening and took both sets by a very wide margin.

All in all, it was a great experience. For some of the girls, it was their very first game. EVER. Not just this season. And they all played really well. I was impressed.

I was also super proud of them for doing so well in a tournament with elite teams. That was no easy task, friends, especially for your first outing.

During the games in which they were not playing, they were in charge of officiating and keeping score. Taylor is the only "certified" scorekeeper on the team so she was hard at work. And SUPER intense, friends.

Most of all, I was grateful the girl still has an opportunity to play the only sport she truly loves. Her game has improved, she's surrounded by amazing girls, fantastic parents, and supportive coaches. 

And we'll do it all again next weekend. And for the next three months.

I can't wait. And if you need me, I'll be looking for a rhinestoned "Volleyball Mom" t-shirt. :-)