Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Joys of Track

Yes, I'm still behind. And life is still nuts. And getting crazier by the minute. So I just don't have it in me to apologize for not updating more frequently at that point. Sorry! :-)

That being said, the girl has taken on a new venture - track. Basically, she had been sandbagging her mile time in volleyball and then sprinting the last 200 to catch up with her group and that came back to bite her because she can apparently sprint. I found this quite amusing since she has REFUSED to play basketball for years because "that's too much running."

Given those conversations, I saw tremendous irony in "Hey, I joined the track team." She did not.

So now there's a new wrinkle in our schedule. But she's having fun - and running a LOT - and that's all that matters. Three days after practice began, Midway had a practice meet. I even took off early to head out there only to learn she was running the LAST event of the day. And a cold front had just come through. It. Was. Freezing.

And that was BEFORE the sprinklers came on.

Yes, you read that correctly.

And though I was pretty much frozen by the time we left - a mere 3.25 hours after I arrived - it was absolutely worth it to catch these priceless gems.

Absolutely. Love. These. Girls.

They even convinced Taylor to join in on the fun. I love this pic...even though she does look 25.

And, yes, she dominated her heat.

It. Was. Awesome.