Thursday, February 7, 2013

County Show Is Over...

...which means the girl and I are both absolutely exhausted. We did have a great time, though, and there were even a few surprises along the way. Like really good surprises that included two Baylor football players and a volleyball player making a surprise to visit Taylor and Bruiser.

They stayed for an hour and a half, signed autographs, took pictures and interacted with kids from across the county. They were absolutely amazing and no one could believe Taylor actually knew them. She also got a good luck text from her very favorite player yesterday.

Oh, and there were one week old goats there as well. Never have I ever seen a sweeter baby animal. Absolutely precious!!!!

There's so much more but, honestly, I'm too tired to fill you in. Besides, all of the good pics are still on my camera and haven't been downloaded yet. Just know that Bruiser is still with us...and he has some excitement in his future. Excitement that does NOT include a slaughter. ;-)