Thursday, February 21, 2013


Oh is busy. But I've heard from a number of people (mostly relatives) who are wondering what we're up to. Here's the 50 cent rundown:

Got this in the mail recently from a friend and it totally reiterated to me that it really is about the small things in life. Every. Time.

My husband is under the impression this is what "orthopedic" shoes look like. Clearly he has some things to learn about style. Or at least fashion that doesn't include boots and chaps.

Our time with this boy is winding down. And though he won't be with us anymore, he will have a family. And be someone's pet. NOT someone's dinner. I like to call that WINNING.

Chris Kyle's funeral procession passed through Waco last week. After seeing all the pics from up and down I-35, all I can really say is that this man deserved a lot more respect and recognition - nationally - than he received. Very grateful Texans took up the slack. :-)

When track, Bruiser and volleyball allow, we've been trying to hit some Baylor basketball games. Thus far neither team has lost when we were in attendance. Which may need we should block off the remainder of the men's schedule. Regardless of outcome, though, we'll always back our Bears. Make no mistake.

There may be one stock show left but all that's really going on at the farm right now is a lot of eating and playing. Bruiser and Drake butted heads so hard this day that it made every person there cringe. But they're goats...apparently that's what they do.

If you ever wonder why I'm never fully caught up on laundry, let me present Exhibit A - Rambo prefers to wear it.

And the most exciting that has happened lately was this little overnight delivery. To say he's one of the most precious things I've ever seen would be a HUGE understatement, friends. :-)

And there you have it...our last week in a nutshell...