Friday, February 8, 2013

Ag Barn Ribbon Cutting

Last Sunday afternoon - before county show festivities began - we attended a ribbon cutting for the new ag barn where Bruiser lives. This is the first year for this facility and is a huge upgrade. We're soooo thankful we were able to use it during its inaugural run.

After a few words...

...from distinguished folks...

...the ribbon was officially strung...

...and cut.

Then it was time for all of the animals to experience more visitors than they had seen in their entire lives. At least he looked cute and posed properly, right?

The girl met a number of new people and answered a lot of questions she probably would have preferred not to...but she handled herself well and we were super proud.

Seriously - love that sweet face.

Bruiser even took the opportunity to enjoy a little spa treatment.

And I made her pose for a photo. Torture at its worst, I know.

Her sweet friends Hallie and Don along with Bruiser, Bubba and Billy.

And my sweet, silly man. He's really worked his tail off at the farm and with Bruiser. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to attend county show - which was incredibly unfortunate for a number of reasons - but we managed to get through. Barely. And with a lot of help.

But that's worthy of its own post.

Have a great weekend, y'all. :-)