Friday, February 1, 2013

Sunday Sick Day

The girl and I had big plans to go to church and then volleyball practice (for her anyway) on Sunday but that all changed when I woke up to a sick little girl. So all plans were scrapped in hopes of nursing her back to health. Quickly.

But, first, Bruiser had to be fed. He had apparently resorted to elevated eating on this particular day. He will always exert as little effort as possible. Cracks me up because he sort of takes after his owner in that area. Shhhhh - don't tell her I said that... :-)

After making sure little man was good to go for the day, I hit Walgreens to stock up for the day and the scene began to look like this...

...and I was really optimistic when the girl began moving around a bit and even wanted to go to the farm to see Bruiser. After a couple of trips walking him to the road and back, though, her cheeks were already flushed. Not exactly a good sign.

Back home on the ranch (I've always wanted to say that), I learned that apparently just watching someone work out is exhausting for Rambo. Bless his little heart.

Monday morning cam around quickly and the girl was insistent that she was feeling well enough for school. So we medicated her, dropped her off and crossed our fingers. Within three hours, though, Tonto was on his way to pick her up due to non-stop coughing and a raging headache.

Now the good thing about having him at home was that he whipped out his trusty stethoscope and learned that her lungs were clear. Score one for the good guys!

When I finally got home, though, my baby was running a low grade fever so I made plans to stay home and get her to the doc first thing Tuesday morning. Given all the sickness going around - and the fact that county show is next week and I have no plans to show a goat myself - it just seemed like we should get antibiotics in the kid sooner than later.

Thankfully, she was only diagnosed with bronchitis. I know that sounds bad but, honestly, I was afraid she had the flu (yes, she had the mist but the virus has already mutated) and they immediately tested her for strep so this was the least of the evils. And I was soooo happy it's not a dreaded virus and could be treated with antibiotics. Quickly.

And there you have our week in a nutshell - nursing a sick kid back to health while preparing for a livestock show we know little about. Good times. :-)