Friday, January 20, 2012

Our Pep Was Rallied

Last Saturday evening, we had a very special experience that I truly didn't know would ever happen at Baylor. At least this quickly after I came back as a staff member and in only a short four years with Art Briles at the helm of the football team.

We celebrated the record breaking and historic 2011 season with the team and 5,000 other fans at the Ferrell Center. And it was truly a lot of fun. 

The team entered with their hardware...

Our very own John Morris served as emcee for the evening's events...

...and it was great to see the team again. We've been going through what some might call post football season withdrawals. :-)

There were tons of photos from throughout the season in addition to some fantastic video packages produced by Baylor Vision. I work in the same division as these talented guys and, y'all, let's just say I'm in awe of their talent. And they're super fun as well.

A proclamation was read by the mayor (who had an unfortunate fall on his way off the podium but the team clapped and cheered for him just like an injured teammates...and he's fine) and we learned that very day was "Baylor Bears Football Day" in the fine city of Waco.

Next we heard from Judge Starr, which is always entertaining. Y'all, I know there was a lot of discussion about him becoming president at the time it was announced but please let me assure you he is the best thing that has happened to Baylor in many years. His leadership is phenomenal and we are so blessed to have him at the helm.

We also heard from some players who are from the Waco area: Jarred Salubi (Waco High), Ahmad Dixon (Midway) and Levi Norwood (Midway). There was some indignation from my girl and her friend when Salubi indicated he is a big fan of both Levi and Ahmad "even though they're from Midway." There's a bit of a rivalry going on there, as you might expect.

Ahmad, who's always fun, ended his talk with giving a "shoutout to my high school who actually made it to the state championship game." To which Taylor replied, "You just got burned, Mr. Salubi." :-)

Another proclamation - this time from the governor in honor of Robert's accomplishments - was presented by Senator Birdwell.

And then we all relived the evening of December 10 (the night the Heisman was presented) through video. A sweet time indeed.

A special appearance was made by the Noze Brothers...

...who informed Robert he is the newest member of the brotherhood and his name shall now be "Brother HeismaNoze." Some fancy green and gold glasses were also presented and RG3 was a great sport. He even indicated this may be his "best moment ever at Baylor."

Did I mention they also gave him some Superman underroos?

And, of course, the evening wouldn't have been complete without hearing from the QB of the defense - LB Elliot Coffey. We will definitely miss his leadership and humor. For instance, after we beat TCU there was a raucous celebration in the locker room and Coach Briles (who never wears anything other than a long sleeve shirt) took off his shirt in celebration. 

Coffey was found in the corner shaking his head and muttering, "I've never even seen his arms before. What is going on?"

I wondered what was going on in Griff's mind when I saw this was his last event as a Baylor Bear...

Along the way the coaching staff (particularly Coach Bennett) was recognized and appreciation was shown all around. This season's accomplishments were most definitely involved a true TEAM.

And we closed the evening with some words from Coach Art Briles (aka CAB)...

And though this season was amazing and it may be a very long time before we see another Heisman Trophy winner (or not - looking at you, Nick Florence), the fact is the climb is not over. The best is yet to come. And my family and I are so incredibly thankful we have had the chance to be along for the ride.

Sic 'em, Bears!