Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Morning (aka Santa Came!)

Continuing to backtrack...

After we set out these cookies for Santa, my sweet child looked at me and said "don't you think it's a bit weird for him to eat himself?" Love. Her.

Santa brought her some Spirit Fingerz to cheer on the Bears in addition to a necklace and some other small items in her stocking.

The main attraction, though, was under the tree. Here she found a book (she loves this series), a Nintendo 3DS and a game. Exactly what she had asked for.

This girl has spirit at all times. :-)

Rambo was also very interested in the contents of her stocking as well. :-)

We headed to my mom's house for Christmas lunch after playing with the new gadgets for a while. She got a new tree this year due to having higher ceilings in this house. It looked great and this is also the only picture I took while we were there. Shame on me!

In my defense, Tonto's knee was hurting, I was trying to help my mom and the girl was excited about us dropping her off to spend some time at her other grandparents' house that afternoon so she could see her dad's family for a bit. 

It was a pretty relaxing day and the food was amazing. Tonto and I just hung around the house and rested (and watched time type of sports, I'm sure) until the girl returned home that evening. The next day we ventured out to get some new tennis shoes with our Christmas money (all three of us were in need!) and had lunch at Chick-fil-a before coming home to chill and play more Wii games (shocking).

On Tuesday after Christmas, the girl and I drove Maw Maw to Beaumont while my mom drove her car. This way she wouldn't have to make the entire drive back to Louisiana. It was fun to visit and be together but by the end of the 12-hour roundtrip, this girl was really ready to get back to the house. :-)

Wednesday was rather calm as well. Game playing and packing. Why? Because it was almost time to head to San Antonio and cheer the Bears to victory at the Alamo Bowl. :-)