Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bowl Madness

We headed to San Antonio early the morning of the Alamo Bowl so we could have some fun on the Riverwalk before the big game. Once we checked into our hotel (Holiday Inn on the Riverwalk - highly recommend), we hit the river almost immediately in search of some good Mexican food. 

None of us had ever eaten here but, friends, it was delightful. And I don't kid about food so you can be sure that it a real endorsement.

We had to wait a bit for our table so we did what any normal people who were decked out in their school colors and uber excited about such a fantastic bowl would do - we took pictures!

Me and Tonto...

Our sweet girl... 
(yes, she had on a "Heisman Winner" t-shirt under the jacket)

My parents... :-)

I don't really know what to say about this photo except that my husband apparently had a strange reaction to my request that we "strike the Heisman pose" as he instead struck "Grecian god pose."

Taylor got stopped so many times (and someone even ran after her with their cell phone to take a picture) by Baylor fans who wanted more information about these socks.

After the Superman socks RG3 wore during the Heisman presentation sold out, a local company began producing these snazzy ones in his honor. They were a huge hit!

It was an absolutely beautiful day. The weather was perfect, which was much different than our trek to the Texas Bowl in 2010 when it was raining cats and dogs. We thought it was a very good sign :-)

We truly love the Riverwalk and couldn't wait to see all of the lights that evening...

After lunch we headed back to the hotel where I took a nap and was awakened by two people informing me they were "bored" and wanted to find something to do until the game. After a quick Google search, we found ourselves at the Rivercenter Mall where we saw We Bought a Zoo. 

Absolutely. Amazing. Movie. So good, in fact, that I already ordered the book.

We met up with my parents afterward and headed to the stadium. Given my range of emotions during this contest, I feel it deserves its own post but wanted to share this picture with you... you'll realize we are BU through and through. Right down to our pillow pets and blankets. :-)