Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Barkin' Ball 2011

After we returned from San Antonio, we began getting ready to attend Barkin' Ball. This is a wonderful event we look forward to every year. So blessed to have the opportunity to partner with the amazing folks at Fuzzy Friends Rescue. :-)

I'd like to preface this picture by saying my allergies were all of a sudden out of control right before we left. My eyes were watering left and right. Literally. And my face was even a bit swollen. But you still have to get a picture, right?

This lovely lady is my friend, Becki, who plans and executes this phenomenal event (plus many more throughout the year) - she's a pro! And she also had triplets last May. Precious babies that Tonto and his co-workers cared for in the NICU. So we're bonded forever now. And I love it!

This year's theme was modern and classy. Being a connoisseur of bling, you can imagine how much I loved this feature :-)

Absolutely. Stunning.

As always, the food was delicious. Lobster mashed potatoes, prime rib, mini corn dogs, meatloaf sliders, crab cakes...and the list goes on for miles. It was all delightful. How do I know? Because between the two of us, Tonto and I tried at least a bite of all of it!

Our table was full of Baylor grads and/or supporters (with the exception of one Aggie - bless his heart!) so we had a ball reliving football season, the Heisman Trophy and the current success of our basketball teams. So. Much. Fun.

There was also a lively band but, as you might imagine, dancing isn't really on Tonto's list of preferred activities these days. This is really a shame because I've cut many a rug with him and he's quite skilled. 

We left a bit earlier than usual because a certain 12-year-old asked that we come home and "watch the ball drop" with her. And, honestly, I wouldn't have had it any other way.

And, yes, we are praying for a better year in 2012. True to form from the past two years, I also have a word for the year. But that probably deserves its own post. :-)

Happy Wednesday, friends!