Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was so fun this year, y'all! In addition to hanging with the Bowers clan, we also had dinner and spent some time with my family before going to an amazing candlelight service at our church. It was the perfect day, in my opinion.

Our family has always opened presents on Christmas Eve so the tree would be bare for Santa's gifts. Someone in our family is an alum of Texas Tech. We love him anyway. :-)

See what I mean? Santa had no room for his packages.

Someone requested a number of Rangers items. And she got an extra one last week because I had forgotten about the Josh Hamilton World Series shirt we had gotten her. Found it while I was cleaning out my closet.

The Puppy Posse opened gifts as well. In addition to various types of bones from Nana and Boppy, they also received these awesome new treats Dogtopia is stocking. They're in a bakery case and seriously look like baked goods. Each one got a canoli and then they split a doughnut, a tailbanger and a scone. 

Rambo is there today (Tonto went back to work today so I'm trying to keep him from becoming depressed) and I have a feeling they're each getting a "Sic 'em" paw cookie this evening. Shhh!

Maw Maw :-)

Oh look, more Texas Rangers gear!

The girl was seriously spoiled this year. Between Rangers and Baylor items, she is good to go in the area of sporting her teams' colors. I really can't even remember what all she got but I do know this was one happy little girl.

After presents, we had dinner before all heading to our church for the candlelight service. And look - I even got my peeps to pose for a picture before we left. It was a Christmas miracle!

And just because it's adorable...

After church we got cookies and milk ready for Santa but that's another story for tomorrow. :-)