Tuesday, January 24, 2012


To say that the last week has been less than adventurous would be a great understatement. Last week the girl missed a day of school due to an upper respiratory infection. My first clue should have been her spending most of the MLK holiday like this...

...but, hey, at least she didn't lose her affinity for a tasty snack!

She recovered throughout the week though it became very clear 40mg of Prednisone was way too much for my girl to handle each day. To say that she was bouncing off the walls would also be a gross understatement, y'all. It. Was. Bad.

And somewhat entertaining.

But mostly just BAD.

So we backed off to one pill per day and she finished up her antibiotics right about the time my sinuses revolted. My nose and eyes began running constantly, friends. It truly as though I was sobbing at all times.

By the time I made it home Friday, I fell into the bed and passed out. And with the exception of running out of the house twice (once to pick Taylor up from a service project and once for the doctor), I didn't leave the house until this morning when I headed to work.

This time yesterday I was truly wondering if it was possible for one's head to just split wide open. In fact, that may have been a relief. I tried to get ready for work yesterday morning only to find I couldn't move without holding my head in my hands.

Needless to say, I stayed home. In the dark. All day. And I answered work emails from my phone.

Since I spent 72 hours in bed due to illness, you might imagine I don't have many photos to share this week.

And you would be right.

But I am so thankful we seem to be on the mend. And hope you are as well :-)