Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Bullet Points

The end of school year drain has officially hit my brain, friends, so my coherent thoughts per day have been severely limited. That should explain the bullet points below...
  • My girl is struggling to finish the school year strong. It's most ironic when you find out she forgot homework in not one, but two, classes on the same day while learning simultaneously that she earned a Commended score on the science portion of the TAKS test. She is beyond burned out. I am beyond burned out. But there are only five days left after today so, you know, HALLELUJAH! (Side note: no, we do not condone poor behavior simply because one is "burned out." She has been punished and we're still expecting her to finish strong. Just wanted to throw that out there :-)
  • Rambo continues to be the most adorable puppy ever, y'all. Though I haven't photographed him recently you'll just have to trust me. Truly precious. Love, love, love him!
  • Zumba isn't for sissies. Particularly when you've had surgery in the last month.
  • Dance recitals aren't for sissies either. Apparently the agony and ecstasy of such a production had escaped my mind since the girl chose gym for a number of years before a broken elbow caused a detour.
  • The ramifications of a broken elbow continue to live on, though thankfully only psychologically. For instance, when asked if she would like to participate in gym again, I get the following response coupled with a sad face: "I can't...I'll just get hurt..." Breaks my heart, y'all! But things could be so much worse....
  • I started a new study on Revelation and it is awesome. Truly. I love studying end time events but really don't have a firm stance on how I believe things will shake out because my opinion is that it won't matter as long as heaven is the destination :-)
  • Finally writing thank you notes for all of the love, support, flowers, etc. we received after we lost the baby. Took me a solid month to be able to do so but, seriously, we are so BLESSED to have precious friends and family! And I'm thankful.
  • A three-day weekend is desperately needed...
  • My heart hurts for all of the people who have lost everything in the recent tornadoes, floods, lightning storms, etc. Such heartbreaking stories that only One can redeem. Thank goodness He can. And does. :-)
  • Happy Thursday!
They will make war against the Lamb, but the Lamb will overcome them because He is Lord of lords and King of kings...and with Him will be His called, chosen and faithful followers.
Revelation 17:14