Monday, May 9, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

Hello, friends!

While I had not intended to leave my last post up for so long, we left for New York shortly after and I just didn't have a chance to add another one before our plane took off very early Wednesday morning. That being said, I was absolutely overwhelmed with the text messages, Facebook comments and emails I received after so many read it. Seriously...OVERWHELMED!

It has not been a fun road at all but I am feeling better each day and have been incredibly blessed by friends and family along the way. While I will have more to say about that later, I'm sure, right now I want to talk about cake :-)

The GA's at church had a cake decorating contest last week so we had to put one together last Monday since we were leaving town. Unfortunately, I am truly not a decorator of cakes (but houses I'm game for at all times!) so my girl had a sad confection to present. It did, however, have spirit and I heard it tasted pretty good as well...

What you can't see is that the actual cake was green inside and there was gold frosting between the layers. It's rudimentary, for sure, but I had no idea there would be guitars, gumball machines, etc. represented. Who knew these girls were so talented in the baking arena? :-)

I will have you know that the #10 and RG3 additions were completely Tay's idea. Apparently her favorite Baylor players will remain Robert Griffin III fo-eva...

...which you know is totally cool with me...

We were all very happy (Puppy Posse included) to get back home in our own beds. Tay was ecstatic to love on Prissy and we're looking forward to a relatively normal routine this week. Busy but least for us anyway :-)

Have a great Monday, friends!