Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Operation World

Recently I read Radical by David Platte. I know, I know, what took me so long? Seems as though the rest of the world absorbed the riches contained within these pages long before I jumped on the bandwagon but it's better late than never, right?

As you may already know, the book concludes with a challenge to partake in a year-long experiment. The five components of the challenge are 1) pray for the world, 2) Read the entire Bible, 3) Sacrificially give to a specific purpose, 4) Spend time in another context and 5) Commit your life to multiplying a community.

Pretty heavy stuff, no?

I am absolutely not here to say that I've mastered (or even begun progress) in each of these areas. Why? Because that would be lying, friends. And not one of the "white" variety either. It would be a rather tall lie.

But I digress...

Anyway, what I wanted to share was a website found in the book for Operation World. This site contains information about all of the countries in the world, their make up (both demographic and religion) and ways you can pray for each specifically. If you choose to provide your email address, they will send you a message each day with a new country.

How simple is that, friends?

Quite frankly, this is one of the best finds I've made in a very long time. And, because we all know by now that I don't believe in coincidence, you can safely assume I believe it's been put on my mind and heart for "such a time as this." A time when all people of the world desperately need Him and the peace He can provide.

So, if you're interested (or even just a little curious), click here and check out what the folks at Operation World have to offer. It just might change your perspective. And, together, we might just change the world. How cool would that be? :-)

Declare His glory among the nations...
Psalm 96:3


jason said...

Hi there,

Great to see Operation World referred to in the blogosphere more and more! Just allow me to add that while the website DOES have a short profile for every country in the world to assist our understanding and prayer, it is only a small fraction of the information and prayer points that are avaiable in the book or CD. I strongly recommend any globally-minded believer to get their hands on a copy!

Jason Mandryk