Thursday, May 19, 2011


Lest you think I've come down with a very early case of dementia, I do realize a post with this very title and the same photos was done last week. Unfortunately, that's about the time Blogger had a bipolar episode that lasted almost two days. Needless to say, that post has been lost to some cyberspace bully for all time.

It's a shame, really, because I'm almost certain it was a literary classic.

Or, you know, NOT.

But anyway...

So my girl - also known on the court as Seven or Stella because it was mortifying to be cheered for by her given name last season - wraps up her second go 'round with volleyball this evening. I must say that the spring has not seemed to drag on for 360 days like the fall. I will forever be grateful for the lighter schedule and the ease that having been through the process once before provides.

Last season she had an incredible coach and I can - without reservation - say the exact about this season. While they have two totally different coaching styles, Taylor has greatly improved under each. In fact, she's so taken with the sport that she'll be attending volleyball camp at Baylor in July.

While I suppose she's actually taken with staying in a residence hall, hanging out at a pool party with college volleyball players and living on a college campus for a few days, we'll just go with unabashed love for the sport if y'all are good with my delusion :-)

They have only lost two games all season and neither was exactly a blowout so I'd say they have a LOT to celebrate this evening as they wrap up the season at Mazzio's Pizza. That's just how 11 and 12 year olds roll, y'all...

That's her coach in the pic above. He is so cool, calm, collected and encouraging. I could take some lessons, quite frankly...

So here's to a great game this evening. To be quite honest, they smoked the team they're playing tonight earlier in the season so it would be quite a disappointment if they folded. They also had the best game ever a few days ago as they took on one of the best teams in the league and beat them by 10-15 points in each of the games.

I was proud. And surprised. And grateful we didn't go to three games since we drew the short straw and began play at 7:30pm. Yes, in the PM.

Good luck tonight, Miss Taylor! We love you and are so very proud of your progress. The fact that a couple balls hit the floor each game because, as you say, "my friend wanted to hit it more than I did...that's why I moved out of the way" makes it all the more sweet because you are such a polar opposite of your mother. 

And so much more awesome. :-)