Tuesday, April 5, 2011

There's a Fly in the House

So today I was going to wrap up my Brazos Nights montage with some pictures of friends we ran into and the band BUT then I saw these and they cracked me up so the course was inevitably changed.

As I was working out Saturday morning (also known as the period of time Dave was taking the girl over to a friend's house to play), I looked into the office and saw this...

Now you may be asking what in the world Rambo is doing and the answer is very succinct - trying to catch a fly.

Problem being that the fly was outside. Clearly Rambo was inside. That little fact did not, however, keep him from trying to climb the window for the next 15 minutes. Did I mention he was neutered on Thursday? Obviously that whole this surgery will calm him down theory does not apply to Super Puppy here...

Prissy, on the other hand, thought it was just a good day to be lazy. Why use all four legs when two will do, right?

Happy Tuesday!