Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Drills

Saturday marked a big day in our house - it was time to enjoy a little football again at the Baylor Spring Scrimmage! My man has been missing his favorite game like mad so he was super hyped to see the pigskin fly. My girl, on the other hand, decided to go to a friend's house and play because "it makes no sense for players on the same team to beat each other up."

I have no idea where the child inherited this black and white type of logic. None. At. All.

Moving on...

We were very excited to see Phil Taylor (pictured below) at the game. Big Phil, who you might remember is someone I hunted down casually ran into after the Texas Bowl is a favorite of mine. He's projected to do very well in the draft as is Danny Watkins, who was off at a team visit. Also in attendance was JD Walton - also a draft pick last year. Obviously the only person we were missing was J-Smooth (aka Jason Smith).

The weather was beautiful though at least one of us could have benefited from the use of sunscreen. You know, just so one of us didn't come away with one sunburned forearm coupled with sunburned ear.

This, my friends, is Kendall Wright. Ol' Kendall apparently took his game to a new level this spring, which is rather exciting because his game was already rather elevated. He apparently decided to grow his hair out because "it feels better in the helmet." Here's what I say: don't mess with something that's not broken. In other words, grow that hair, Samson. Grow that hair.

Offensive favorite if #79, Robert T. Griffin. He's also known as Big Griff. Though out quarterback, Robert Griffin III, refuses to go by the moniker Little Griff. Can't say that I blame him much...

Oh glorious day - cannot wait until football season, y'all. For a variety of reasons.

The new man on campus is Phil Bennet, our new defensive coordinator extraordinaire. He is all that was advertised, y'all, and brought more life to the sidelines than Rambo on steroids. And that's saying something. While the defense still has some work to do (who wouldn't after being given an entirely new scheme), they looked pretty good and I have high hopes. Very. High.

Of course, there's the resident big man on campus as well - RG3. He threw his first pass and my husband was amazed at how much tighter his spiral had gotten from last year. Even I was impressed and, let me just honest, any spiral would have to be uber tight for me to even notice a difference. This one was nice, y'all. Mmm hmm.

All in all, it was delightful. Several of our defensive players either had offseason surgery or suffered an injury during spring drills so they weren't able to play but, seriously, I can't say excitement for a football season has ever been this high around these parts. At least not since I've been here.

So, you know, Sic 'em Bears!

P.S. I saw our defense blitz. Effectively. Oh, yes ma'am, I most certainly did.