Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hippity Hoppity, Easter's On Its Way

It's been well established by now that I decorate for all major and minor holidays. Tay loves to help and I just think it makes things a bit more festive around the ol' homestead. Of course, I would also repaint and redecorate every room in my house on a quarterly basis if I had the time and funds so I guess decorating is my way of feeding that little obsession :-)

I've thought about replacing these cheap plastic eggs with something more fancy but these are all eggs my girl has collected over the years so I'm sticking with sentimentality for now...

A number of my Easter decorations used to be my mom' this little guy with the big bow...

...and this little guy who keeps watch over the computer in the office...

...someone has to hold down the other side of the office, right?

This isn't a very good photo but there are smaller bunnies swinging on the tree swing. This may be my favorite decoration :-)

More from my mom...along with the fabulous cross she gave me for Christmas - the REAL reason for season.

Bunnies and chicks among our family photos...

Thanks, Mom!

I picked this little guy up a couple weeks ago and thought he was adorable. Just keeping it real with my beloved Scentsy (we do have three dogs after all) and the Swiffer in the background.

Tiny but big in cuteness...

This is one of my favorite areas in the house. First of all, I'm a sucker for a red lamp. But there's also a great photo of the man, the girl and sweet Bo that I took at Landa Park last year in New Braunfels. That was the famous trip when Bo escaped from the hotel room. I'm so thankful God allowed us those last fun memories of him before things took such a turn. 

I also love these little bunnies and, inside the box, there are a couple of ceramic eggs I painted at Practically Pikasso with Tay. Love the memories :-)

Well, that concludes the Easter tour at our humble abode. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!