Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lady Bears

The last weekend Dave had off, we took him to his inaugural Baylor basketball game to watch the Lady Bears beat the Lady Raiders. It was Carl's (our new camera) first time out in public and Davey had a ball shooting photographs until tip off. Flashes are frowned upon in venue and we didn't want to get kicked out. It was WAY too exciting of a game for that to happen. :-)

Of course, there's always the "Coach Kim Show" available for viewing on the sideline. L-O-V-E her!

Of course, there's also the "Brittney Griner Show" to behold which, if you've not seen the girl play, is AMAZING!

And don't forget the glue - Melissa Joooooones!!!

Now, y'all, I am not a fan of Texas Tech. Not even a little bit. BUT I must say that I enjoyed #4's use of color coordination between her uniform and hair.

Now that's a video screen, friends...and just in time for the NCAA women's tourney to hold rounds one and two in Waco next month...

Paying homage to the tremendous success of Lady Bear basketball...


And we're off...and so is the flash...

It was an interesting game and one that was heightened with emotion due to what happened last time these two teams met. In the end, the best team definitely won though it was by a much closer margin than I would have preferred! But, hey, a "W" is a "W."

After the game, we headed down onto the court and ran into some familiar faces. We, of course, whipped Carl out to capture the moments...

Perry Jones III (PJ3) and Quincy Acy

And my girl's most favorite moment of 2011 and my guess is it will still be one of her favorite moments at the end of this year as well.

She finally got her picture taken with Robert Griffin III (RG3) and she could not be happier about it, friends. :-)

Sic 'em, Bears!