Tuesday, February 15, 2011

He Made a Liar Out of Me

On Sunday, as my man was working hard at the hospital, our Sunday School class briefly discussed the upcoming holiday. I boldly told them that we "don't do Valentine's Day." Now I will tell you that my man did surprise me with chocolates and a very sweet card last year and I was incredibly grateful. He has also sent me flowers several times throughout our relationship but that was mainly when we were dating, engaged and/or newlyweds.

To be quite frank, I'm so grateful that God has delivered our marriage which - don't get me wrong, isn't perfect but my man is perfect for me - is pretty much the biggest blessing of my life that a special day to commemorate it just isn't make it or break it for me.

Fast forward to Monday morning. Almost exactly a year ago, our bank account information was compromised along with several hundred other members at our credit union. Counterfeit debit cards were created, our account was wiped out overnight and it was a week long nightmare, friends. Because of that, I watch our account very closely and when I logged in yesterday, I found a counterfeit check had cleared. Yes, someone actually is in possession of our routing and account numbers.


Anyway, I called the bank and they began going through the pending charges (of which there were only two) on the account to make sure they weren't counterfeit as well. So they get to this obscure charge that I immediately thought was fraud but, upon further investigation, it had been charged the morning of February 14. At a florist's shop.

Yep, my man had ordered me flowers. He specifically waited until that morning so I wouldn't find out and a crook ruined it for him. But something that a thief could not steal was the joy of knowing that he loved me enough to send flowers. On the day of the year when flowers are the most expensive. And have I mentioned Dave is the frugal one in our family? :-)

It made my day to learn that he had given them specific instructions about what he wanted in the arrangement. Including filler and greenery. Is he awesome or what?!?!

And he did really well. 


The back is just as pretty as the front. Per his instruction. Plus, white roses with hot pink tips are - in a word - AMAZING!

Oh, how I love him. More today than ever before. Much more.

And it has nothing to do with the flowers, really, though it has everything to do with the man himself.