Friday, October 3, 2008

You'll Never Believe This!

So I'm saving the surprise for last but just wanted to throw out a reminder that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. We have a good friend who was diagnosed with very advanced breast cancer two years the age of 34. Her daughter is Taylor's age - and Tay's first best friend! It was a violent reminder that it can strike any time and any age.

Ok, on to the exciting news. First, Tay made a 100 on her last math test!! She had struggled a bit at the beginning of the year. Not because she wasn't capable of doing the work but because she was just rushing through it and not paying enough attention. So we've been working on that and I'm happy to report she's now living up to her potential.

And, finally, the exciting news of the day is that we purchased a digital camera this morning. Well, actually Dave did it while I was at work but's a momentous occasion in our family :-)...and we'll now be treating everyone to more - and better quality - pics of Miss Taylor. Since we'll be attending a soccer game amd the Baylor/OU (please, God, don't let what I think is going to happen actually come to fruition), we'll have great pics come Monday.

The HOT Fair begins today but we won't be attending until next's been way too crazy of a week to throw that into the mix right now. We're giving ourselves some time to recover before hitting the rides and the rodeo.