Friday, October 31, 2008

Pigskin = Memories

Tay and I took part in a long standing Baylor Homecoming tradition last night--Pigskin Revue! We had a girls' night that started with yummy Subway (her new favorite) and then headed to Waco Hall for some Broadway-style fun. We also got to see this year's Homecoming Queen crowned.

I told Tay before we went that Pigskin includes the winners from Sing and that I had performed in Sing before. So, all through the night, she kept asking me 'did you dress like that?' and 'did you sing that song?' I tried to explain how you have to have a different theme each year but it just wasn't clicking...difficult concept when you're first introduced to it.

During intermission, we went outside and she got to see Pat Neff Hall all lit up in green and took a close look at Judge Baylor. She decided she would sit in his lap for a Christmas picture but not a minute before :-)...anyway, it was lots of fun and this year the spires on the new parking garage are lit up green and gold--now if we can just upset Missouri on Saturday, we should be set!!

Tonight we're off to the zoo for ZooBoo and then we'll head back to campus for Bonfire. Tomorrow morning brings the famous parade, picking out frames for Tay's new glasses (yes, we found out earlier this week that's why she's been having headaches) and then she's off to Nana and Boppy's to go to their carnival at church while Dave and I got to the game.

In other news, we turned in her entry for the PTA Reflections contest this morning. It's a matted and mounted copy of this ferris wheel pic...the theme was 'Wow!' Now we have to make a doll using a dehydrated apple face for the head. Did I mention it's due on Monday? Where's the Calgon when you need it???