Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Heart of Texas Fair

One really random memory I have of bringing Tay home from the hospital the first time (yes, there were multiple times as I was really, really ill) is seeing the giant ferris wheel at the Heart of Texas Fair. Because of that, we always do a little mini birthday celebration at the fair each year. We had a really great time this year because Dave was actually off (shocker, I know) and we went at night...and stayed a really long time :-)...

Cute story time - last year, Tay and I went on Sunday of the fair and it was just the two of us. We were at the very top of the ferris wheel and all of a sudden she realizes that she can see Hillcrest from her vantage point. She immediately began screaming, 'There's Davey's hospital! It's his - I know it is!' Loved that memory...

Back to the story at hand - So this year we took the bull by the horns and went on Friday night thinking it would be a bit less crowded due to football. It probably was but there were still lots of people. So we checked out the stock barns and saw the cutest baby pig ever! For the child who wants nothing to do with any profession other than veterinary, it was heaven. We also checked out horses, longhorns, geese, goats and cows.

Then we started with the midway rides...there were lots of them this year (seemed like more than usual) so Miss Tay was super ecstatic! We headed into the arena to check out the rodeo but didn't see much of it. Taylor LOVES to watch mutton bustin' as she thinks it's hilarious to see the little kiddos on the sheep. We caught part of the calf scramble but then headed back out for food. Greasy corn dogs, chicken on a stick, funnel cakes...really, how can you resist? Besides the fact that I try to ration how much rodeo my former bullriding husband sees in person...don't need for him to get the itch to do that again any time soon!

We all had a great time but Tay was exhausted by the time Craig Morgan came on stage to wrap up the evening. We listened to one song and then headed home. Good thing, too, because the Cheetahs (Tay's team) had a soccer game the next morning!