Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sic 'Em Bears, Part Deaux!!

Miss Taylor has really been enjoying her Baylor football season ticket. She's had her face painted and tattooed in Touchdown Alley, identified Ryan (her golf coach) numerous times on the sideline and taken pictures to prove she found him, discovered all the best snack foods and will occasionally cheer (she's usually much too reserved for that) and raise her Baby Bear paw during That Good Ol' Baylor Line. Needless to say, I really think she's going to be sad when football season comes to a close.

As for the grown-ups, we've had a lot of fun as well. While we haven't been painted or tattooed, we do enjoy good old greasy stadium food (I'm particularly fond of the nachos) and received a few new Baylor t-shirts for entering some random contests...none of which we've won, by the way. We've also been impressed with the MAJOR progress made by the team and Coach Art Briles. The freshman quarterback, Robert Griffin, is absolutely phenomenal and will be a tremendous recruiting tool. Wow, I've been listening to the commentary too much...I can actually recite this stuff!!

Anywho, the most amusing thing that has happened had nothing to do with either Taylor or me. When Baylor hosted Oklahoma, there was a small group of OU fans sitting one row up and across the aisle from us. Now, personally, since they were yelling loudly and wholeheartedly cheering for their team, I felt they really should have purchased tickets in the VISITORS section. I thought that's who that area was reserved for but I digress...

So Dave decides if you can't beat 'em, join 'em so he starts cheering for Baylor just as loud as these four fans put together! It was almost embarrassing...again, I digress :-)...so once they're up 28-0 in the first quarter, he decides a different tactic might be more effective and - next thing I know - he's actually over making friends with these imposters!! Seriously, he was having a FRIENDLY conversation...I was flabbergasted!!

So, there you have the difference between men and women...we'll just fight tooth and nail to protect a principal no matter how badly our team is getting whipped. When it comes to a man, they just have respect for the better team...guess I should take a page out of my man's book...better to make friends than really POWERFUL enemies :-)....