Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Somehow I blinked and it's August. And I haven't posted in almost eight months. Life just takes precedence sometimes, I suppose, but there are things about this year I don't want to forget so I'm summing it up by the month. And then maybe - one day - I'll get back to posting regularly. Big maybe. Because life would have to slow down a bit and that does not seem to be on the agenda for 2016.

So in January, we were excited about a new year. Less sickness. Major show season. And less craziness in our personal lives. Most of those things happened. Some did not.

We spent the month getting ready for the county show and then several majors. Tiny loves the barn. She loves the animals. And she loves to clean. So she began getting in on the action.

Taylor began Career Development Event (CDE) practice with her Ag team and most of those practices happened on Wednesdays so Tiny and I got a lot of alone time. One this particular night she was playing babies with Prissy. And it was adorable.

We also made a trip to the Mayborn Museum - Tiny's first - which was super fun because Taylor absolutely loved this museum when she was younger. 

And she still likes it today.

Tiny sported her winter boots every chance she got.

And my VP at work left for another university.

Tiny learned to swing. Which is terribly scary at first.

And Dottie learned how to share food with her boy.

I continued working my way through decorating our new house and actually finished the dining room.

We also did some reminiscing about Taylor's first year showing cattle...

...and our first days with Tiny because January marked two years since she came into our family.

We worked with Kate a lot as it was her first show season and, well, leading was not on the top her to-do list. Thanks to Taylor's cattle advisor, behaving finally made it to the very top of said list.

Clyde continued to grow like a weed and look more and more like his mama.

And Tiny tried to help with all the barn chores. Especially those that involved her being able to hold a hammer.

Slowly but surely, my sweet Taylor completely recovered from her tonsillectomy as well and - knock on wood - has remained strep free since. She did have a bout of pharyngitis due to an allergy exacerbation a couple of weeks ago but that's some significant progress compared to where we were this time last year.

January was a tad bit slower but we were gearing up for a reallllly busy February. :)