Friday, August 26, 2016


April. Oh April. You did provide a bit of an opportunity to catch our breath. It didn't last terribly long but it was glorious.

Taylor hit the ground running with Sweetheart volunteer hours.

And spent a lot of quality time with bath colors and Tiny in my tub. Let's just say we've learned baby wipes clean it the easiest and they've been hidden now. :)

Taylor also got her hair highlighted again. She tried out a new stylist and LOVES her. Tiny and I waited outside because, well, she's loud. On this day she learned the joys of hand sanitizer.

My blonde again girl got first place in her Ag Public Speaking division and advanced to District where she got second and fell just shy of advancing to state. 

Her sweet advisor, Ms. Burch, has been helping her perfect her craft for two years. Love both of them dearly! She also spent a lot of time with Ms. Burch on the Land Judging Team. They spent a lot of early mornings heading out to competitions and advanced to state before all was said and done.

Toward the end of the month, Dave and I headed south to Galveston for a long weekend. It was the first time we'd gone away alone since Tiny came into our lives. And was really overdue. We enjoyed the sand, the surf and a lot of good food. :)

Not to mention the pool and hot tub.

And perhaps a few adult restaurants too!

Seriously - this is our happy place. And we even had some uninterrupted conversation!!

Tay invited her friend over to hang with her most of the weekend. It was also our first time to leave a teenager mostly home alone (though Nana and Boppy were only a phone call away) and CLEARLY she missed us terribly.

Ok, maybe not, but I did manage to make her jealous with the photo of our mini mozzarella cheese sandwiches from Nonno Tony's.

All in all, April was calm. At least for us. We also took both Dottie and Kate to be bred but neither were successful. That time anyway. We now have Kate bred with an early April baby on the way while Dottie is spending some time at a local ranch and we're hoping she'll get news she has a May baby on the way soon!