Thursday, August 25, 2016


If February wasn't enough of a blur, March sure made up for it. During the week of Spring Break, the Houston heifer was held so Dave and Taylor headed off to sit overnight in the trailer line. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I asked Tiny what she wanted to do while they were gone. The reply? EAT!

So she did.

She also attempted stowing away in my suitcase but ultimately decided to hang out at Nana and Boppy's instead. Good choice, Tiny!

Despite being awake all night with rain pounding the windows of the truck and rocking the trailers, my girl still managed to look beautiful. Oh, the joys of youth!

Between loading in and the actual show day, there was one where we didn't have to do much other than feed, walk and water. So we took advantage of being close to one of our favorite places and headed beachside for the day.

The next day was all business again.

Kate may not have done as well as Dottie but she looked pretty and behaved. Score!

And Tay got to hang with some sweet friends.

Once back in town, it was time to kick off the next Sweetheart year with an '80s theme party.

And on the night that the parents met to sign all the Sweetheart paperwork and pay for all of the clothing, Tiny enjoyed her first Happy Meal.

Next thing we knew it was time to wrap up majors season with a trip to Austin - our first to this show. Tiny and Taylor enjoyed a lot of quality time with Kate.

And Tiny continued to prepare for her grooming career.

And this is where things went a wee bit crooked for Kate. It was the last show. She was heading out of the ring. And kinda lost her mind.

She did a little dance. Made a little noise. And eventually made her way out of the ring.

Better the last than the first, right?

At the end of the month we celebrated Easter. Tiny was clearly a fan of getting her picture made in her pretty dress...

...but she did enjoy the community egg hunt we attended.

Taylor wrapped up the month with a new pastime - hammocking. She sent me this pic and said it was the best day of her life. :)