Wednesday, August 24, 2016


So February kicked off major stock show season for us and it was a wild and crazy busy month. Sweet Kate finally decided to behave literally two days before the county show. She's not the biggest heifer on the block but she's sweet. And she's Clyde's best friend so I'm kinda partial to her.

We also participated in the Midway show and sale - Tiny was dressed for sale where we bid adieu to Gus the goat.

Dottie also made her last show appearance at the county show - with Clyde in tow - as she aged out. Her son may have gotten tired and just fallen over for a nap. That boy...

We were sooooo worried about Kate behaving at the county show and it turned out that she was one of the best behaved in the ring. Who knew?

Tiny exhibited her love for alfalfa...

...and apparently Valentine's Day was simply more than she could handle.

We went to the San Antonio Stock Show for the first time and really enjoyed it.

We got Kate settled in and then had to head home for a commitment Taylor had in Waco. Once that was over, we headed back to SA so she could show the next day. It. Was. Exhausting. But we do what we need to for our kiddos.

This girl's face kinda says it all when it came to showing Dottie for the last time.

Kate in SA. Where she actually behaved yet again!

The girls also found some baby pigs. And, yes, it was almost 90 degrees in February. Brutal.

Tiny found her artistic side...

...and Taylor continued to grow up waaaaaay too fast.

This was Gus' last photo by himself.

Some very sweet friends were very generous at the auction, which is what ultimately allowed Taylor to buy a steer.

At the end of the month, Taylor hung up her HOT Sweetheart sash for the last time - after logging more than 100 hours of volunteer service - and...

...we attended the end of year banquet.

She was chosen again as a Sweetheart for this year and has already logged 50+ hours. And it's only August. So proud of this girl!

These pics kind of sum up our life in February. We walked a lot of cows...

...spent a lot of time hydrating at shows...

...and Tiny's love of grooming began. :)